A N Mukund

a n mukundaA N Mukund can be characterized as a ‘photographer-lyricist’ because of his extremely special style of capturing images of personalities as seen by his eyes, using, however, the lens of his camera as a tool. The photographic skill is transmuted into very expressive art by means of his special style of capturing personality images. The present volume consists of fifty images of celebrated writers in Kannada captured during the past four decades. In addition to the images, the volume gives a brief biographical sketch of each writer and an account of the circumstances in which these images were captured. The photographer turns into a narrator of the experiences of capturing the images. He visits the writer in his home environment, engages him in a casual, familiar conversation and when the subject, quite unawares, is found in a moment of emotional glow, captures his image. This is the special style of Mukund’s art. This image thus makes permanent what was just a special moment’s expression of the personality of the writer. Unlike the common photographer, who requires his subject to look at the lens, Mukund captures the moment’s reactions of the subject to emotions, impulses, situations, looking at anything but the camera. It is the product of an acute self-control and concentration. The images here, because of this magic moment, acquire simultaneously a kind of authenticity and intimacy.

For the first time, a volume of photographs of this kind has been published. The artist and the publisher both deserve to be complimented