Anuradha Kuber

Anuradha KuberAnuradha is a promising vocalist of the young generation and one of the very few performers of the “Bhendi Bazar Gharana” gayaki. Anuradha was initiated into music at the tender age of 6. She has been trained in the gharana gayaki for fifteen years by the veteran musician and Guru Late Pandit T.D. Janorikar. During her time in the Sangeet Research Academy, Kolkata, she met noted gurus and shared her thoughts and knowledge with the students. This added a different perspective to her musical hought process.

Anuradha is endowed with a rich and mellifluous voice which makes her adept at singing both light and classical music with equal ease. Her sweet, seasoned and pliable voice with easy reach in all the three saptaks (octaves) makes her disciplined exposition of the raagas full of aesthetic and emotive content.

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