Bharat Gupt

Bharat GuptProf. Bharat Gupt, a retired Associate Professor from the University of Delhi, is a well known figure in the field of arts. He is a classicist, theatre theorist, sitar and surbahar player, musicologist, cultural analyst, and newspaper columnist. His writings have altered the perception of ancient Greek drama as the ‘origin of Western theatre’ and established its utter closeness with ancient Indian theatre as part of an Indo European construct. He is known as an international authority on the Natyashastra and classical Greek theatre.

He has expounded extensively on classical Indian Sanskrit texts including the Dharma Shastras and the need to include Arts in modern curriculum. He is trained in both, Western and traditional Indian educational systems. Apart from his degrees from premier institutions in the country and from North America, he has studied in the traditional style the classical Indian texts from famous gurus. Hence his writings expound upon the essential values of both the Eastern and the Western philosophical systems. Not only a theorist and an academic, he is an accomplished sitar and surbahar player who was formally trained under eminent musicians. He was trained in sitar by Pt. Uma Shankar Mishra and was taught the classical texts by Swami Kripalvananda and Acharya Brihaspati.