Lekha Naidu


When not reluctantly explaining what she does for a living to curious people, Lekha Naidu is either facilitating a class for young theatre enthusiasts or rigging lights or translating plays and other pieces of literature from English to Kannada and vice versa or planning photo shoots while finding ways to get on stage and perform. Some affectionately call her the Girl Friday of the Arts community, conveniently forgetting about the other days of the week, while she often refers to herself as a theatre practitioner. She has made no significant contribution to the world, yet; but she keeps trying. One of the ways is ‘Avala Hejje’, a social enterprise, of which she is the Creative Director. She is also trying to run a multilingual theatre collective – Sāpēksha, with her writing and translation partner, Sidhaartha Maadhyamika.