m.i.l.a.p. 2017

Comprising of a series of curated events across different genres, languages and art forms, m.i.l.a.p. weaves together the following components for its 2017 edition:

  • Translation Workshop for registered participants with acclaimed translators, writers and scholars
  • Literary Meet with sessions centered around well-known writers and moderated by experts
  • Book Fair in a lakefront pavilion where one can browse and share insights with other readers
  • Film Festival for screenings and discussions with award-winning filmmakers
  • Art Exhibition on the unique bond between print and art, and related displays
  • Cultural Evenings to explore intersections of theatre, music and dance with literature
  • Youth Events to take along the student population in this cultural journey

All the main events will be held at a beautiful lakeside venue with a wood-panelled auditorium, a central courtyard open to the skies, and an intimate art gallery. Manipal’s panoramic location – in the foothills of the Western Ghats and along the Arabian Sea coast – and proximity to the temple-town of Udupi invite a fascinating discovery of a rich natural and cultural heritage.

We hope you will be able to visit us and be a part of this distinct experience.