Sandesh Bhandare

Sandesh Bhandare is an award-winning freelance photographer and photojournalist who contributes to various magazines and newspapers such as Heritage India, Hindustan Times, Outlook, Outlook Traveler, India Today, etc. He is a visiting lecturer at MIER’s MIT Institute of Design, Pune and has conducted workshops in creative photography. He has won the Maharashtra Foundation award for the book Tamasha: Ek Rangdi Gammat, the Alliance Française Young Artist Award (1994 and 1991), at the SAARC Festival Delhi (1992) to name a few. His major projects include Vaari Ek Ananda Yatra – Photographs of the ancient socio-religious tradition of pilgrimage to Pandharpur which culminated in the form of a book in 2008. Bahuroopi – Photographs of street performers. Tamasha – Photo documentation of Maharashtra’s folk art form Tamasha, a project funded by India Foundation for Arts, Bangalore and Sir Ratan Tata Foundation 2002–2003 which culminated in the form of a book. He has exhibited his works at major galleries in India and abroad.