Sanjeeva Suvarna

Generally addressed as Guru Sanjeeva Suvarna is regarded as one of the foremost artists specialising in Yakshagana of the northern style. Sanjeeva is well-versed in traditional Yakshagana of Badagu Thittu style. He has mastered all the steps and techniques of different roles such as Kedage Mundale, Kiratha, Bannadavesha (Rakshasa), Stri Vesha (female) and Hasya (Clown).

He currently teaches at the MGM College, Udupi in addition to directing and performing in Yakshagana plays. He is trained under the tutelage of Narayana Shetty in the basics of tala and drumming (chande) and in footwork under the guidance of Margoli Govinda Serigara.

In 1972, he joined Yakshagana Kendra as a student and was educated under distinguished Gurus like B Veerabhadra Naik, Hiriyadka Gopala Rao and Nilavara Ramakrishnayya. During 1979 – 80, he trained the students of National School of Drama (NSD) in Yakshagana which was adopted by Karanth in the production of ‘Burnam Van’ the Hindi version of Shakespear’s Macbeth which toured the country. Following this, Suvarna travelled widely in India and outside performing in various productions and continues to do so even today.