Selina Hossain

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Selina Hossain – is probably one of the most important writers of Bangladesh. She has published twenty-one novels, seven collections of short stories, four collections of prose writings and four collections of stories for children. Her works are a moving account of the contemporary social and political crises and conflicts as well as the recurrent cycles of the life of the struggling masses. Quite a few of her novels have been translated into Indian regional languages and into French, Russian and English.

Critic Syed Akram Hossain recalls Selina’s Pokamakorera Gharabasati and comments, “Her portrayal of life of a particular community living on the south-east coast of Bangladesh is informed by a deep awareness of life which transcends regionalism.”

Hossain is the winner of Bangla Academy award, 1980 and Alaol Purashkar, 1981 among many others. In 1994-95 she won a Ford Foundation Fellowship for her novel, Gayatri Sandhya. Selina Hossain is currently serving in the position of Director of the Bangla Academy in Dhaka.