Shanta Gokhale

Shanta-GokhaleShanta Gokhale is a Mumbai-based bilingual novelist, playwright, theatre historian, translator, screenplay writer and cultural columnist. She has written two novels in Marathi, which she has translated into English. Both have won State awards in their respective years of publication. She has translated some of the most significant Marathi plays of the seventies and eighties and several other important texts such as Durga Khote’s autobiography, “Majha Pravas”, a nineteenth century eye-witness account of the 1857 uprising, “Kora Canvas”, artist Prabhakar Barve’s essays on the creative process and novels by Uddhav Shelke and Makarand Sathe. She has also translated from English into Marathi. Her translation of Jerry Pinto’s novel “Em and the Big Hoom” won the Balshastri Jambhekar award in 2016. She won the Sangeet Natak Akademi award in the same year for “overall contribution to the performing arts.