Translation Workshop

Without translation, I would be limited to the borders of my own country. The translator is my most important ally. He introduces me to the world.” – Italo Calvino

Translation is a creative process that helps bridge cross-cultural gaps in literature. Many works of great literature are left unseen by the world at large due to language barriers. We, at m.i.l.a.p, wish to encourage aspiring translators to take up the challenge of being faithful investigators of meaning. The Translation workshop aims to provide a platform for beginners to interact with established translators and get a sense of the nitty-gritties of translating literature without losing the essence.

The Translation Workshop planned from September 15-17 will focus on translation in two languages; Kannada to English and English to Kannada. The workshop will have multiple sessions by reputed translators. Participants will have hands-on classes where they will translate passages in to another language and get it reviewed by the experts. The workshop will be curated by Deepa Ganesh and some of the resource persons are Akshara K V, Shanta Gokhale, Anjum Katyal, Shivarama Padikkal, V B Tharakeshwar, Bharat GuptChandrakant Pokale, Velcheru Narayana Rao and N S Gundur.

The workshop has limited 30 seats and registrations are open for early career translators who are expected to send a letter of motivation and one work that has already been translated. For this year, it is limited to those who have knowledge of both Kannada and English. This also involves a nominal fee of Rs.200 at the venue. However, prior registration is mandatory.

We invite applications from early career translators for this workshop. Applicants should be passionate about translation, and prior attempts at translation are welcome. Along with the application, you are expected to submit a short 500-word note in either Kannada or English on why translation is important to you.

For detailed schedule of the Translation Workshop, please go here: Translation Workshop Schedule.

Register for the workshop

Kindly read through the important information and fill in the form below to register as a participant for the Translation Workshop.

Important Information

  • This year’s workshop will focus on translation from Kannada to English and vice versa,  thus, we are looking for people with a proficiency in Kannada and English
  • The registration fee is 200/- which you can pay at the registration desk on the day of the event
  • Please fill the registration form below
  • Email us a sample of your translation work and a statement of purpose mentioning why you are apt for the workshop to
  • Accommodation will be provided in Manipal on request. However, the candidates have to pay for it themselves. For further details, please contact us at