Vidyanidhee Vanarase

VANARASE Vidyanidhee Sudheer
Vidyanidhee Vanarase, (Prasad), completed his postgraduate program from the National School of Drama (NSD), New Delhi. He has designed and directed more than 50 plays in Marathi, Hindi, Konkani, Kannada, English and Gibberish. He has gained proficiency in Design and Direction, Administration and Management of Arts and Applied Arts. He is associated with theatre organizations of international repute for the last two decades including London International Festival of Theatre (2003-2008), Project Phakama, South Africa, UK and India (2002-till date), and Colombo International Theatre Festival (2012-till date) to name a few. He has been involved in theatre training for more than 25 years. He has contributed to several books including ‘Yanni Ghadawala Sahasrak’, an anthology on the millennium, ‘Badal Sircar: Search for a Language of Theatre’, a book edited by Prof Kirti Jain, ‘Lamuna’, Preface for the book, a compilation of short plays for Children and ‘Project Phakama: Making Participatory Theatre’, a book about Phakam Process edited by Prof Lucy Richardson. The book is published in February 2018 by Bloomsbury, UK. He is a Founder Director of International Association for Performing Arts and Research (IAPAR). IAPAR in the only Indian Member Institution of ITI/UNESCO-UNITWIN Network for Higher Education in Performing Arts. He is a Board Member of iSTAN, an international network for stage arts. He is a member of Executive Council of International Theatre Institute – UNESCO. He works as the Festival Director of the IAPAR International Theatre Festival, Pune, India.