B. Surendra Rao

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B Surendra Rao (1948) is formerly a professor of History, Mangalore University. His special interests are Modern Indian History, Philosophy of History and Historiography. He was Sectional President (Modern Indian History) of Indian History Congress at Kolkota (2001). He was also a Member of the Indian Council of Historical Research, New Delhi. Among his books are Coorg Invented (with K M Lokesh), The Retrieved Acre (with K Chinnappa Gowda), Itihasa mattu Samaja, History as Historiography, Bunts in History and Culture, and Ways and Byways of History. He is one of the editors of the multi-volume Social and Economic History of Karnataka in Kannada to be published by Kuvempu Bhasha Bharathi, Bangalore. At present he is involved in a project, with Prof K Chinnappa Gowda, to translate Tulu works into English. The completed ones are, Ladle in a Golden Bowl (2017), Mittabail Yamunakka: A Tale of a Landlord’s Household (2018), When Moonlight is Very Hot (2018), The Rain Boy: Tulu Folktales (2018) and Sati Kamale (in Press).