Art Exhibition

Manipal University and the KK Hebbar Gallery and Arts Centre presents ‘Mukhaputa’

‘Mukhaputa’ is an exhibition exploring the art of illustration found in literature journals in Kannada that have worked in close collaboration with artists. The art of the cover-page or the mukhaputa in a book or magazine or journal is as important an element of the experience of print material and reading as is the text. Similarly book designing has been an equally demanding creative field, one that often goes unnoticed and unacknowledged in the production of literature. How do images communicate with text in our experience of reading? Kannada literature has seen several journals and magazines that imbibe this conversation between the alphabet and the line, the narrative and the illustration. Journals such as Deshakala, Bhavana, Kasturi, Mayura have worked with artists such as Iqbal Ahmad, Chennakeshava, P.S. Kumar, Chandranath, Raghu Apara and several others.

This exhibition will bring into focus the dialogue between literature and art through an open call for contributions to the show from the public.

a4 poster for mukhaputa