Veena Srinivas

Veena Srinivas is an artist from Mangalore known for her efforts in propagating and creating a renewal of interest in Kāvi mural paintings, a form of painting on the inner and outer walls of temples in the Konkan coast of India.

Veena found her niche in Kāvi mural paintings, a form of folk art that flourished in many Hindu shrines in Goa during the sixteenth century. The exquisite beauty of the works attracted her attention.  She travelled extensively to collect information on this form of art and followed it up with intense research.  Having developed an abiding commitment to this genre of art she regrets that the folk design is fast disappearing due to temple renovations and lack of preservation or conservation efforts.

She has three solo shows, has participated in several group shows, state and national level art camps. She has conducted more than 20 workshops on Kāvi Kale at various places to promote this art form. She has done her Senior Fellowship from the Ministry of Culture, New Delhi, 2014-2016, and currently is working on Kāvi folk motifs. Her works are in collections, both in India as well as abroad.