Literary Meet

The Literary Meet this year will host three special panels. In keeping with the theme of the festival (A Millennium Revisited: Tradition and Transformation), the millennium will be explored by the Kannada Panel through the lens of the language while the North East Panel will speak of shifting identities and finally the International Panel with its focus on South Asia will stress on the geopolitical and cultural ramifications.

In addition to the panel discussions, we will have three performance-based sessions. Performing artists and scholars will contexualise their respective art forms in the present while also speaking about their evolution through the millennium. Performances will be interspersed will lively discussions and conversations. This year we will focus on the performance traditions of Dastangoi, Tulu Folk Poems, and Harmonium.

Finally, we will have five individual sessions with well-known authors who will speak about their works and anthologies in the context of the theme of the festival.