m.i.l.a.p. 2018

This year MILAP is centered on the theme A Millennium Revisited: Tradition and Transformation.

We constantly negotiate our past, present and future – this reflects in the performance and retelling of traditional texts as well as how the experimental arts are conceived and defined in the modern world. The creative arts are spaces where it is possible for interventions to take place.

Re-imagining the arts opens possibilities of seeking representation and carving spaces for new and hitherto absent voices. The modern era marked by movement of people across borders has brought about transformations in understanding identity, community and belonging, thus influencing and informing the literary and art spaces. Born thus are new forms, even traditions, and entire movements which in turn inspire and fuel generations to come.

Comprising a series of curated events across different genres, languages and art forms, MILAP weaves together its 2018 edition: