The Online Registrations for m.i.l.a.p. will open on 1 July 2018.

Participants, kindly note the following:

The Literary Meet of m.i.l.a.p. is open only to registered participants.

The Theatre Appreciation Workshop is open to registered participants. Interested candidates can register here.

Online registrations will be valid only if the participant reports and collects their event kit before 10.30 am on the first day of the festival – September 6, 2018. If you do not report by this time, the registration will be considered lapsed. This is non-negotiable and applicable to all registered participants.

The registration counter will be at the main venue: Dr TMA Pai Halls, Kasturba Medical College near Tiger Circle.

The Photography and Art Exhibitions along with the Book Fair at m.i.l.a.p. are open to interested public.

Last day to apply: 4 September 2018

Registration Fee: Rs. 500 for 3 days inclusive of food on all days and the registration kit.