Cultural Evenings

Day 1

Play: KOLA by Theatre Tatkaal

Theatre Tatkal is a group of artists active in both theatre and audiovisual media. Theatre Tatkal has set out with a mission of producing plays of excellent artistic merit. The group comprises of professionally trained theatre artists, television actors, film artists, musicians, painters, writers, directors and intellectuals. Theatre Tatkal produced Shakespeare Manege Banda, written by Prof Natraj Huliyar, in 2013, Nanna Tangigondu Gandu Kodi written by P Lankesh in 2015. Kola written by Mahesh Elkunchwar and translated by Nandhini KR and Prashanth Hiremut is the latest play directed by the well-known actor, Achyuta Kumar (Read More).

Day 2

Play: Tamasha of My Memories by Sushama Deshpande

Tamasha is a folk art practised in Maharashtra for the last four hundred years. There are two forms of Tamasha – Dholkiphad and Sangitbari. This play is based on the lives of artistes of the Sangitbari form of Tamasha. Lavani is a musical performance, which speaks of the various aspects of a man-woman relationship. Sangitbari basically consists of a number of Lavanis (Read More).

Day  3


Ravana’s sister, Shoorpanakha, the brazen and deformed, demonic figure is a character from the epic of Ramayana whom we are accustomed to vilify and dislike. Society has always ridiculed her. We take her role in Ramayana so lightly, when in fact she is such a crucial character who has been sidelined through the rest of the epic. We have only heard about a single story of Shoorpanakha. Through this play, there is an effort to humanize her and make her real to people and not simply justify her (Read More).