Nadeem Shah


Nadeem Shah has been a dastangoi performing artiste since  2010. The art form is an extension of Nadeem ’s interest in medieval history and  Urdu literature. He teaches medieval Indian history to undergraduate students at   Delhi   University.

Growing up in the western Uttar Pradesh town of Saharanpur, his life was full of storytellers and poets around the corner, in the marketplace, at home. Everyone could tell a story and everyone walked and talked Ghalib, Faiz, Daagh, and Momin. Umru Ayyar was one of the childhood heroes in the culture he has been born into, along with the likes of Sultana Daku and Sir Syed Ahmed Khan.

With Nadeem Shah Suhrawardy Production, he intends to bring these stories and this aesthetics of storytelling, of the literary and the performing arts in Urdu/Hindustani, to a wider audience.